About this Site and How to Submit Perspectives

Mission Statement:
The primary mission of the (Internet) Global War on Terror (GWOT) Archive, is to collect, preserve, interpret, and publish on the Internet the history of the GWOT, from the perspective of the men and women fighting the war.

Story Line:
In accordance with the primary mission, the storyline incorporates the following themes:

I. Core Themes: Service and Sacrifice: America’s Armed Forces. The US Armed Forces serve the nation and its citizens. In their oath servic members swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution embodies the nation as a whole, its laws, its ideals, and the rights of its citizens.

II. Embedded Themes: Presented using various methods in the presentations.
1. Stories of servic members : Personal stories of actual servic members .
2. Melting Pot: Selected stories that reveal the ethnic, gender, social diversity of the Armed Forces.
3. An Evolving Organization: Improvement of US Armed Forces’ ability to serve.
4. Personal Connections: Establish personal connection with the US Armed Forces.

Scope-of-Collections Statement:
The origin, period, and subject of the historically significant documents the GWOT Archive collects. The scope-of-collections encompasses primary source or eye-witness accounts related to service members from the attacks on 9-11 to current operations, emphasizing aspects of military strategy, tactics, culture, materiel, and tradition.

Collections Content Plan:
Analysis of the GWOT Archive to determine the essential items needed to meet mission needs and complete collection requirements. The GWOT Archive content plan consists of documents from the following campaigns:

Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom
The Horn of Africa (under development)

Content for the GWOT Archive is based on official Department of Defense news sources, such as the Department of Defense website and primary military service branch websites, primary source books written by veterans of the GWOT, and primary or eye-witness accounts collected on the Internet and the GWOT Archive.  As a web-based archive, the GWOT Archive is ideally suited for collecting primary or eye-witness accounts, photographs, or other documents in a digitized format.

 Easy Methods to Submit Perspectives:
This blog site offers one of three methods of submitting information to the GWOT Archive.  Service members are encouraged to use the method with which they feel most comfortable.  The second alternative method of submitting material is through a web-based form, whereby the third utilizes a Word-document questionnaire that service members can download, complete at their convenience, and send as an attachment in an email.


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